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Signup with us and choose an exclusive local phone number in your country. Flexible plans with no cancellation fees. Stay in touch 24/7.
When someone calls your number they just make a normal local call. You pay a monthly plan fee for your number and callers pay normal call rates.
Now you have your sticky number. Share it with customers, friends and family. The number works just like any local number but reaches you anywhere.

Why choose Sticky Number

With your Sticky Number you can receive, record, manage and view call records from the comfort of any computer, tablet or smart phone in the world! You can get a local virtual phone number from over 1220 cities in over 60 countries and have it forward to just about any phone in the world. We aim to provide high performance and reliability using our global network. We also provide unlimited minutes with our free UK numbers.

Here at Sticky Number we continue to add features to our systems so we can provide clients with all their virtual number needs. Our client base expands across the globe. All Australian virtual phone numbers come with international forwarding, voice mail and IVR secure access. The Signup process is simple, choose a country and city then divert phone number free to most destinations around the world.

Top Local & International Call Rates

Choose a country from the drop down box below and view rates from many locations around the world. Our phone number plans start at a low cost with low calling rates.

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Why choose Us

-Our number works on any normal phone, mobile and landline. Your callers wont need to remember any confusing codes or numbers to call you. Its the same as calling a local number.

-The lowest pricing starts from $3.94. When you select your local country and are assigned an Australian phone number you upgrade or downgrade your subscription, even add one off credits. View our FAQ for further information

-No hidden charges and we provide short term monthly subscriptions. Alternatively for bigger discounts you can select yearly plan

Diverting or forwarding a virtual number is a standard feature with most phone number suppliers. Where you are wanting to divert the number depends on the plan you should be choosing. With Sticky Number we have two types of forwarding, to either a physical mobile or landline number where we include calling minutes per month, the other option is SIP forwarding where you use another service to handle the outbound calling. The advantage with StickyNumber is we allow 24/7 access to updating the forwarding destination which isapplied immediately upon saving your new settings.
When finding a virtual telephone number supplier make sure they are able to port numbers. Porting a number is the ability to move your new number between phone suppliers, if they are not able to port numbers you may have to sacrifice the number and have to choose a new number when you move to a new company. You should also see how long the company has been around and the features they provide, for example some suppliers require manual editing of the forwarding number or may not provide voice mail features. The process of buying a number is easy for most countries, all you have to do is signup as a member and choose a plan, there are however some destinations that require documentation, which includes having a local presence and identity proof.
A virtual number is a number not directly linked to physical telephone line, which means you can have several numbers from different locations all going to the same telephone line. Virtual numbers allow you to purchase a number from another city or country outside of your business location, if you live in Australia but have clients from USA you can buy a virtual number and forward the call to your Australian landline number. The benefit is reducing your clients costs to call your company from overseas. More technically speaking a virtual number can link to a PSTN or SIP network. Note that virtual number usage is subject to that countries regulations.
1800 numbers are normally referred to as toll free numbers (free phone) for the caller, however the business who operates the number pays higher cost. 1300 numbers are normally referred to as a landline number due to clients calling 1300 numbers pay a local rate. Choosing between the 1300 & 1800 numbers depends on your business model, whether you want to absorb more of the clients calling costs.

Customer Comments

"I must mention the customer service from sticky number has made the purchase process straight forward and easy to understand. Support has been extremely helpful. keep up the good work".

Philip C.
Chief Executive Officer
"Very impressed with the support and indepth features. They answered my calls within minutes and provided awesome customer service. You guys has high-tech system. I would recommend you".

Jane G.
General Manager
"I have found sticky number to be the best integrated telephone number service providing features to track calls and over the 2 years i have seen many constant updates and new tools being added".

Oliver D.
Marketing Director
What's New

What's New

No Setup Fees

We improved our system to automate the virtual number setup letting us waive setup fees.

Free International Divert 24/7

All virtual numbers can be routed to thousands of destinations around the world.

Worldwide Instant Activation

All accounts are now activated in real time giving you an instant virtual number.